Bianco (All White Diapers)

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  • M (32"-40") 1 Case of 48
  • M (32"-40") 2 Bags of 8
  • M (32"-40") 1 Sample Pkg of 2
  • L (38"-50") 1 Case of 48
  • L (38"-50") 2 Bags of 8
  • L (38"-50") 1 Sample Pkg of 2
  • M/L Combo Pkg 1 Sample Pkg of 2
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    Bambino Bianco Diapers are all plastic, all white diapers with impressive absorbency and comfort characteristics. Customize your Bianco with stickers and markers. A favorite in the ABDL community!

    Bianco (All White Diapers)
    Bianco (All White Diapers) Bianco (All White Diapers) Bianco (All White Diapers) Bianco (All White Diapers)

    The Bambino Bianco - A Customize-it-Yourself Designer Adult Baby Diaper!

    Many of our DL customers have asked us to provide them with the same outstanding performing diaper as the Bambino Classico but without the printed frontal panel, resulting in a plain all white color. The sister to the Bambino Classico adult baby diaper, with more of the best features found in your favorite adult diapers from around the world.

    The Bambino Bianco diaper features over the top absorbency performance. The Bianco diaper is simply the best performing diaper in terms of total capacity and dryness all due to our double-drum form technology and the extra amounts of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that we infuse into the core.

    The Bambino Bianco diaper works in concert with its multi- re-inforced , re-fastenable clear frontal panel (allowing multiple re-fastening and re-adjusting positions to ensure a snug fit as the Bianco diaper continues to swell under multiple wettings).

    Bambino Diaper - ABDL printed diaper

    The Bambino Bianco Diaper

    Our Bambino Bianco diaper, like its sister Bambino Classico, has an extra wide core in the wings allowing for maximum absorbency for those side sleepers. This extra padding can only be achieved through our double-drum core technology. The Bambino Bianco Diaper is the only all white diaper with:

    * Extra thick clear plastic re-inforced landing zone
    * Extra absorbent double-drum formed core
    * Extra super absorbent polymer (SAP)
    * Extra wide, one and a quarter inch tape tabs (4 per diaper)
    * Extra Extra all day, all night protection
    * Superior customer service
    * Always discretely packaged

    We strongly encourage you trying our sample offer before purchasing in any larger quantity.
    Your privacy is one of the upmost importance to us (see privacy section)

    Bambino Diapers Sizing Guide

    Medium - 32-40 inch waist
    Large - 38-50 inch waist
    Extra-Large - 47 - 57 inch waist
    Bambino Diapers rated absorbency:

    Bambino Diaper Absorbency

    Wow - 5 Drops!
    With all of the Polymer in this diaper, you can wet again and again and it'll hold even more! Our standing leg cuffs guard against leakage of anything wet or messy!
    We're committed to protecting your privacy. Each one of our Bambino Adult Baby Diapers is shipped discreetly in a brown, cardboard box. Learn more about our Discreet Shipping policy.

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