How to Use our Booster Pads

Our Bambino Quadro Scented Boosters are designed to help promote healthier skin by adding more absorbency to any product they're used with (either inside another diaper or barrier proof pant). Our booster core is comprised of 50% super absorbents. They can swell to more than 4 times its dry weight size. These pads can absorb an amazing amount of urine. We DO NOT recommend that you flood these pads even though they will hold a lot. Please keep in mind that as these pads approach maximum absorbency there ability to keep your skin dryer is reduced. This also puts pressure on the construction of the pad to hold back the increased expansion of gel, which has the urine captured inside. Once you have tried using the pads, you should be able to judge the capacity of urine these pads can comfortably hold without bursting the pad. They have been designed to aid those people that need more capacity out of their existing diaper or extra protection while sleeping on their backs or sides or are just looking to help prevent there current diaper from leaking.

For Best performance:We suggest that once you peel off the release paper from the back of the pad exposing the adhesive, fold back the heat sealed ends of the pad. Pull the end heat sealed non-woven material back against the exposed adhesive (back of the pad) area and press the end of the non-woven firmly against the small area of exposed adhesive on the back. Repeat this process at the other end of the pad as well. Then fit the pad in the desired location and press down.

We are sure you will find many other uses for these very soft thin pads. Don't be surprised at their thinness. They pack more absorbency gram for gram than any other booster product produced in the world today.

Make sure to check out the TotalDry Moderate, Maximum and Ultimate Boost Ups we sell also. They provide different levels of absorption and act similarly to our Quadro Boosters.


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