Molicare Super Plus Briefs

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Molicare Super Plus Briefs feature Hartmann's Dry Plus core for exceptional absorbency and dryness. This is a great overnight diaper.


Molicare Super Plus Adult Diapers

Molicare Super Plus adult briefs are manufactured in Germany by Hartmann, and like other European manufacturers, Hartmann produces excellent overnight-type diapers. Molicare Super Plus briefs feature Hartmann's Dry Plus core for exceptional absorbency and dryness. The all-plastic outer shell is a light purple color, printed with thin vertical stripes, and features a two-piece target tape fastening system, meaning that once the dark blue target tape tab is placed down on the diaper, it will remain in place, and the main tape portion can then be lifted away and either refastened back on the blue target tab or placed down in a different spot if readjustment is desired. Like the outstanding TotalDry X-Plus briefs and Bambino diapers, the Molicare Super Plus briefs have a true hourglass-shaped core, with wide wings front and back which provide absorbent protection for side sleepers.

If you have not tried the Molicare Super Plus briefs before, we highly recommend that you purchase a sample first, as they fit differently than the TotalDry X-Plus and Bambino diapers

About Molicare Super Plus Briefs

Molicare Super Plus Brief:

  • All Plastic Diaper
  • Heavy Full Core Design
  • Standing leg cuffs
  • Target Tape system (Refastenable)
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Comfort Stretch Poly
  • Latex Free
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