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Cloudee All Over Print Diapers Subscription



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Cloudee All Over Print Diapers Subscription



M (32"-40")


1 Case of 48

  • Product Description

      We spent quite a great deal of time creating this diaper, down to the specific light teal background color. The Cloudee diaper is constructed from the Bellissimo chassis with ultra-soft padding inside for maximum comfort. Paired with a fantasy, dreamlike landscape of clouds, unicorns, smiling moons, balloons and more, Cloudee will make you feel like you are floating on puffy, billowing clouds!

      Closures:  Two strong and wide refastenable tape tabs per side
       Super soft and comfortable
       5000ml capacity
      Waist band:
       Front and back stretch waistband
      Leg Gathers:
       Tall standing leg cuffs
       Strong plastic backing
      Printing:  Our first ever full color diaper with clouds, balloons, moons and unicorns