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Classico Landing Zone Print Diapers



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Classico Landing Zone Print Diapers



M (32"-40")


1 Sample Pack of 2

  • Product Description

      We designed this all plastic ABDL diaper specifically for you with the best features of your favorite adult diapers. The Classico diapers feature top absorbency performance, with its double-drum form core and more super absorbent polymers (SAP) than any other diaper for its size. It also comes with a printed, extra think plastic frontal panel that not only strengthens the diaper but helps ensure many refasten-able cycles.

      Closures:  Two extra wide 1-1/4” tape tabs per side
      Comfort:  Double-drum form core
      Absorbency:  3548 ml
      Waist band:  Front and back soft foam stretch waistband
      Leg Gathers:  Tall standing inner leg cuffs
      Backing:  Soft, latex-free plastic
      Printing:  Lovable baby block print on landing zone

      Classico offer a snug, comfortable fit without worrying about leaking!