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Quadro Scented Booster Pads offer the perfect way to increase the absorbency in any of your favorite diapers! The Quadro is thin, 16" long and can hold approximately 850ml.


The 6x18 Bambino Quadro Scented Booster Pad


The Quadro Scented Booster Pads are formed with a homogeneous blending of fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers and low melt fiber, which is heated to 375f degrees and then formed into a strong yet soft fluff core. The fluff and SAP are thermally bonded to the special low melt fibers to form a bond which strengthens the fluff pulp fiber and bonds the super absorbent particles together while forming channels to transfer the urine through the pad, while allowing spaces between the low melt fiber and pulp fibers to form pockets in which the polymer particles can expand into. These pads can swell to more than four times their original thickness. The Quadro Pad is 6x18 and can absorb up to 850ml of urine.

Design and Fit

Our Bambino Quadro Scented Booster Pads are meant to fit snugly inside your favorite Bambino diaper - they will fit comfortably inside the standing leg cuffs and will not take away from the main diaper functions! More importantly, the Booster Pads are designed for high capacity. Covered in a soft non-woven and backed with an adhesive release strip on the bottom of the pad, the Quadros won't cause friction against your skin.

Night Use

The Quadro Scented Booster Pad can be extremely helpful for those sleeping on their sides or tend to leak out from the back of their diapers while sleeping on their backs. The special adhesive strip will allow the wearer to place the pad wherever they need extra absorbency without the discomfort of a larger bulkier pad. This booster will help many side sleepers stay dry through the night.

* Cute baby scent to keep you smelling fresh and clean!

* Soft outer non-woven for an unbelievably comfortable feel!

Only Bambino Diapers can bring you this advanced Scented Booster Pad with a scent of baby powder added into each pad. No other company in the world offers this advanced technology in a scented booster with capacity to swell even under pressure and the ability to resist bunching or tearing apart while totally saturated. The Quadro Scented Booster Pads turns urine into a gel material that inhibits the urine from flowing under pressure while helping to reduce the odor caused by bacteria as well as protecting your shin.

We know that this product is superior to all of its competitors, and we know how cost effective these Booster Pads are in terms of absorption capacity to cost. There is simply no other Scented Booster Pad that even comes close!

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