TotalDry Maximum Boost Ups

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    TotalDry Maximum Boost Ups offer the perfect way to increase the absorbency in any of your favorite diapers! These boost ups are 13" long and can hold approximately 1,000ml.

    TotalDry Maximum Boost Ups
    TotalDry Maximum Boost Ups

    The new contoured Boost UpsTM from TotalDryTM are the most advanced shaped booster pads in the world today, from the innovative absorbent core utilizing special time-released polymer (TRPTM) technology to the newly designed ultra soft, ultra dry 3D microporous cover material. Now available in three sizes designed to work in harmony with body worn products like taped briefs, pull-up style protective underwear or belted shields. They are the most absorbent and driest contoured pads on the market today. They can also be used with cloth diapers for added protection. *We have not added any scent to these pads.

    Thanks to the new TRPTM core construction, the Ultimate Boost UpsTM pads can hold up to 1,700 ml. The specially designed hydrophilic non-woven cover material, which is perforated with thousands of sculptured holes while allowing the urine to pass quickly and directly into the core of the pad with little to no splash-back. We use only the purest non-woven material with no printing inks or dyes that might cause irritation. It's not only very soft, but remains super dry after insult (after urine passes into the absorbent core).

    Conventional booster pads, when used with a diaper or protective underwear will typically first fill to capacity before overflowing and passing the fluid to the product core below, while retaining dampness at the surface. In contrast, the Boost UpsTM TRPTM core allows the fluid to pass quickly into and through the pad, then pulls the remaining wetness back out of the product below, while the top surface remains drier against the skin

    With three sizes to choose from, there's a Boost UpsTM to help with any absorbency need. Please note that booster pads, because they have no plastic waterproof barrier, are not designed to be used with conventional underwear.

    The Boost UpsTM Maximum Pad (13") holds approximately 1,000 ml (34 oz)

    The Boost UpsTM Ultimate Pad (16") holds approximately 1,700 ml (57 oz)

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