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TotalDry Plus Protection Briefs

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TotalDry Plus Protection Briefs are an all plastic, moderate absorbency diaper with high quality features usually found on premium diapers.


The new TotalDry Plus Protection Fitted Briefs are a moderate absorbency diaper but with high quality features usually found only on premium diapers, providing outstanding value at a cost saving price. The design incorporates a fully shaped core with wide coverage in the rear and extra padding in the sides (great for side sleepers). Super absorbent polymer in the core helps capture and contain fluid and odor, while additional inner standing leg gathers provide extra leakage protection. The extra strength nonwoven lining resists tearing, and unlike standard economy diapers, TotalDry Plus Protection Fitted Briefs feature a printed, reinforced frontal landing zone for refastening without tearing the diaper shell, allowing readjustment for optimum comfort and containment not found on any other moderate diaper.

In summary, this is a great value for a daytime diaper with more features than any other diaper in its class!

    • Refastenable tape tabs grip more securely
    • New frontal tape zone has size and position indicators
    • Softer feeling gentle elastic outer leg gathers
    • New silky soft lining
    • New blue transfer layer quickly moves fluid into absorbent core
    • Softer ultra absorbent core captures and traps fluid and odor
    • Full mat protection with generous fluff in wings
    • Taller inner leg cuffs for an extra level of protection
    • Faster acting wetness indicator


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