TotalDry X-Plus Briefs

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TotalDry X-Plus Briefs are an outstanding overnight/day time diaper with high capacity, fast absorbency and superior comfort and dryness characteristics.


The TotalDry X-Plus briefs are an outstanding overnight/day time diaper designed after the European model of high capacity fast absorbency and superior dryness characteristics. This diaper is full featured like our Bambino product line. The sizing is almost identical to the Teddy, Bianco and Classico. The X-Plus has a colorful printed reinforced landing zone which is designed to help in adjusting the refastenable tapes after use. The printed lines and dots help to visually guide the wearer back to the position of first contact or if further adjustment is needed help guide to a more comfortable position.

X-Plus Brief

  • Printed landing zone for better visual adjustment
  • Standing leg cuffs
  • All white diaper for discreet wearing under light clothes
  • Extra wide refastenable tape tabs
  • Stretch waist front and back
  • Waterproof plastic outer layer (All Plastic Diaper)
  • Improved super absorbent secure lock core technology
  • Latex Free
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