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Boosters | Bambino Diapers

All our boosters are designed to help promote healthier skin by adding more absorbency to any product they're used with (either inside another diaper or barrier proof pant).

Bambino ABDL Booster Pads

Bambino Booster Pads have been specifically designed and manufactured to provide extra protection and absorbency inside your ABDL diaper. They have an ultra-thin core for reduced bulk and are rectangular in shape for additional strength and protection.

Each individually-wrapped Bambino ABDL Duo Booster Pad is a discreet, thin pad, which has superior absorbency. How does it work? Due to the superior thermal bonded core fabric used in its manufacture, these pads are significantly more absorbent than any other booster pad on the market.

Why you'll love Bambino Booster pads

ABDL products can get pricey... But we've got great news for you! Our Duo Booster Pads are incredibly economical. 

Each pad provides the absorbency of two normal booster pads! This ABDL product is affordable and reduces unnecessary bulk. 

Our littles confirm that Bambino Booster Pads are significantly superior to plastic-backed pads when used inside their ABDL diapers due to their design. The unrestricted design of these pads helps prevent heat buildup, which can ultimately create skin irritations.

Many happy littles agree that this is the ultimate addition to their ABDL daily routines! 

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