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TotalDry Protective Underwear

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TotalDry Protective Underwear



Small (20"-28")


Bag of 20

  • Product Description

      TotalDry Protective Underwear

      Experience the perfect fusion of comfort and confidence with TotalDry Protective Underwear, where our advanced design meets your need for secure protection. Tailored to provide unparalleled absorbency and discreet wear, TotalDry ensures you maintain your active lifestyle without compromise.

      Comfort That Feels Custom-Made

      Our state-of-the-art protective underwear is designed to feel like your favorite regular underwear, thanks to a 360-degree stretch waist that contours gracefully to your body. Embrace the flexibility you desire and the comfort you deserve with the silky soft cloth-like material that's ultra-quiet under clothing.

      Discretion & Durability

      Navigate your day undisturbed and unnoticed; our pull-on design allows for self-assured movement with zero distractions. The waterproof outer layer maintains your dignity by keeping clothing and bedding dry, while the tear-resistant frontal panel offers unmatched durability, perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

      Absorbency Like Never Before

      Bid adieu to apprehensions about leaks with our hyper-capable core that boasts an unrivaled 1,200 ml+ absorbency. Face each day with vitality, knowing that our swift-absorb technology not only locks in fluid rapidly but also neutralizes odors, promoting skin health and overall wellbeing.

      Tailored to Every Move

      We honor every individual's unique needs, particularly side sleepers who benefit from enhanced fluff in the wing areas for that extra touch of protection. The leg cuffs hug gently, forming an impermeable barrier, ensuring that every twist and turn remains a worry-free one.

      Innovative Skin Health Focus

      Our meticulously engineered microporous inner lining works in unity with our super absorbent core to preserve dryness, preventing UTIs and reducing the risk of skin irritation. You can step forward with confidence, leaving skin troubles by the wayside.

      Hypoallergenic & Latex Free

      Suitable for all skin types, TotalDry Protective Underwear is free from latex to avoid allergic reactions.

      FSA/HSA Eligible

       Manage your healthcare finances efficiently with our FSA/HSA eligibility, enabling you to save money while caring for your health.

      Product Highlights:

      • Conforms to your body with a 360-degree stretch waist
      • Silky soft, noise-free material for discreet daily wear
      • Monumental absorbency up to 1,200 ml+ for maximum protection
      • Innovative design tailored for active individuals and side sleepers
      • Odor-neutralizing technology for freshness throughout the day
      • Microporous liner and improved core ensure skin stays dry and healthy
      • Latex-free material to prevent allergic reactions
      • FSA/HSA eligible product for cost-effective health management