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Bellissimo All Over Print Diapers



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Bellissimo All Over Print Diapers



M (32"-40")


1 Sample Pack of 2

  • Product Description

      We’ve taken one of our best-selling ABDL diapers, improved the capacity and added a lovable all-over print! The Bellissimo Full-Print is super soft and comfortable. Cuddle up with adorable bunnies, teddy bears, butterflies, hearts and flowers. Paired with top-notch absorbency, you just can't go wrong!

      Closures:  Two strong and refastenable hook & loop tapes per side
       Double thick core technology (5 diamonds out of 5)
      Absorbency:  5000ml capacity
      Waist band:
       Front and back stretch waistband
      Leg Gathers:
       Tall standing leg cuffs
      Softer non-woven cover material
      Printing:  Lovable all-over print

      Bellissimo All Over Print ABDL Diapers

      Bears and bows, balloons, and windmills call out to you to come and play in these cute cartoon design ABDL diapers! 

      Make the little come out in you with this ABDL bestseller from Bambino! 

      These thick comfortable diapers are very absorbent, so you don't have to make frequent changes. They are just what you need for long hours of fun and play without changing. 

      The double-thick core technology and soft plastic upper make these ABDL diapers most comfortable, earning them the coveted five out of five-star rating.

      With a capacity of 5000 ml, these ABDL diapers hold a lot of moisture. The super-soft lining keeps the wetness away from the skin. 

      Bambino Bellissimo comes with: 

      1. four refastenable hook and loop tapes. 

      2. two strong fasteners on each side 

      But that's not it! 

      Front and back stretch the waistband to keep the diaper snug and in place all day long, even during the most energetic playTall standing leg cuffs ensure comfort and greater safety with no leakage. Comfortable and soft, these ABDL diapers won't even show in the jeans.