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All Over Print Diapers

All-over print ABDL diapers 

Bambino all-over print ABDL diapers are specifically designed with four, body-hugging tapes to ensure the diaper stays securely and safely attached to the front panel. The front panel of this diaper is reinforced with plastic, ensuring the tape can quickly and easily be adjusted to achieve a nice, snug fit. The stretchy leg-gathering makes sure the soft, thick padding is sitting comfortably between your legs.

No more worrying about sitting in uncomfortable wetness or frequent diaper changes. Enjoy ABDL life with the cutest ABDL diaper prints and without discomfort. The innovative core design of these printed diapers ensures any liquid is quickly drawn away from the body, leaving your skin fresh, healthy, and dry. 

Why you'll love our all over print ABDL diapers

 Standing Anti-Leak Guards: Bambino ABDL diapers use soft and comfortable anti-leak guards to provide a secure barrier around leg openings. Even the side leaks are easily contained within the protective briefs. That’s great security for little!

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