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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy exists to protect you, so please take the time to read it.

Your privacy is VERY important to us. As an e-commerce business, we handle personal data - including (but not limited to) real names, addresses, email addresses, payment and billing information, phone numbers and more - on a daily basis. You can rest assured that your personal data is very safe with us. Here's what our legal department has to say about this matter:

We are the sole owner of our customers' personally identifiable information. Your personally identifiable information is information that can be used to contact or identify you. Your name, home address, telephone number, and email address are examples of personally identifiable information. We DO NOT sell, rent, or loan ANY of this information to any third party, and we will not release it to any third party unless legally required to do so or if you grant us permission to do so.

We want you to understand how any personally identifiable information you provide to us is collected and used. Of course, we use your name, address and order information in the fulfillment of each order placed on our website. Even during order fulfillment we protect your Privacy - all of our products are shipped discreetly to your door.

We store your personally identifiable information in the following situations:

Payment (Billing) Information
For all orders taken via our Website, we ask for credit card or PayPal account information. We do not store this information on our system at all. We use it temporarily and pass it to a third party well known payment provider such as, PayPal, or Braintree. The transmission of this credit card information and any sensitive information is secured via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection as described in the Security portion of our Privacy Policy below.

Contact Information
We collect information about how to reach you at the time you place an order. With your name, email address, and telephone number, we can contact you if a problem in our verification process will delay delivery or if your order requires special handling.

Like many other Web sites, we also collect information about site traffic and usage patterns through the use of cookies and Web server logs. Cookies are small computer files we transfer to your computer's hard drive. These small text files help us personalize content in our shopping cart and provide discounts like e-coupons. Your browser software can be set to reject or accept cookies. Instructions for resetting the browser are available in the Help section of most browsers. Our use of cookies also allows us to collect and retain certain information about a Web site user, such as the type of Web browser used by our customer. This information is not linked to personally identifiable information about a particular individual or customer account, but it is collected from a particular computer as the user moves through a Web site. Reviewing our Web server logs and our customers' use of our site helps us to statistically monitor how many people are using our site and for what purpose. Only authorized personnel have access to the Web server logs, cookie utilization data, and purchase history information collected by us. We employ strict confidentiality and security policies and procedures in regards to cookies and all personally-sensitive data handing.

Use of Information by Third Party Partners

We may at any time in the future have relationships with third party companies to provide technology, services, and/or content under our branding. In the event that we do form relationships with these Third Party Partners, we will update this section of the Privacy Policy to reflect any changes in our data handling and sharing. In every case, your personal data will not be shared even with our preferred partners without your consent.

We also provide off-site links that we feel may be of interest to our customers. Some of the services we offer through partnerships require registration to make them function properly. You are under no obligation to provide this information to them. You may choose not to share your information with such partners by not using that service or viewing that content. When you register to use one of these areas, the information you provide may be collected and saved by the partner. Our partners may also use cookies on their sites. We are unable to control their use of cookies or how they manage the information they gather from these cookies. You should make every effort to read the individual privacy policies of our partners, and make your own informed decision about whether or not to continue based upon their privacy practices. If you are worried about Privacy issues, or would like to contact us regarding the provisions in our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us now.

As described above, our site meets stringent security and privacy standards for both e-commerce and personal information. We use advanced security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Specifically, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for the areas of our site where we ask you to provide personally identifiable information. SSL technology guarantees that the personal information you give us will be transmitted safely because the information is encrypted. Encryption involves systematically scrambling numbers and letters so that if someone managed to intercept a packet of information, they would not be able to make sense of it. Although encryption slows the process of sending information across the Internet, it does ensure that the information will be secured. You can tell you have entered a secured area when you look at the Universal Resource Locator (URL) in your browser's address bar and see that it has "https://" before the rest of the Web address. The "s" means that the page is hosted from a secured server. We use secured servers for our order processing pages that require personally identifiable information from our users.

Your Consent
By becoming a customer of The Bottom Half Group, LLC you consent to the collection and use of the information detailed here. Any changes in our Privacy Policy will appear on this page so that you are aware of the data we collect and how we use it. If you register and provide us with a valid email address, we will notify you by email of any significant changes to this Privacy Policy. You will be given the opportunity to opt in to any significant new uses of personal information if that information was collected prior to the change in this policy. If you do not opt in to any significant new uses of your personal information, that information will continue to be governed by the policy in effect at the time your information was collected. If you do not register, we will not have your email address and cannot provide you with any notifications of Privacy Policy changes.

Above all else, if you have any questions regarding your Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.