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Bianco All White Diapers



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Bianco All White Diapers



M (32"-40")


1 Sample Pack of 2

  • Product Description

      The Bianco is a “Design-it-Yourself” adult diaper! Be a ninja, princess, graffiti artist or just enjoy the look and feel of a classic white diaper.

      Our Bianco diaper has an extra wide core in the wings allowing for maximum absorbency for those side sleepers. In addition, this diaper is simply the best performing diaper in terms of total capacity and dryness, all due to our double-drum form technology and the extra amounts of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that we infuse into the core.

      Closures:  Extra wide 1/14" tape tabs (4 per diaper)
       Extra absorbent double-drum formed core
      Waist band:  Front and back soft foam stretch waistband
      Leg Gathers:  Inner Standing Leg Cuffs and multi-stranded outer lycra-stretch gathers
      Backing:  Latex free plastic
      Printing:  All white diaper