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Bellissimo Landing Zone Print Diapers



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Bellissimo Landing Zone Print Diapers



M (32"-40")


1 Sample Pack of 2

  • Product Description

      Bellissimo Diapers are made from extra soft non-woven material, offering extreme absorbency while remaining soft against the skin. One of the most absorbent diapers in the ABDL community, these premium diapers will keep you feeling snug and comfortable, while lasting longer between changes.

      Closures:  Two tapes per side
       Double thick core technology
      Absorbency:  5000 ml
      Waist band:  Front and back stretch waistband
      Leg Gathers:  Tall standing inner leg cuffs
      Backing:  Non-woven cover material
      Printing:  Lovable print on landing zone

      The exceptional performance and unique colorful, solid printed panel on the white diaper has made Bellissimo a favorite in the ABDL community!

      Bellissimo Landing Zone Print ABDL Diapers

      If you want to join the fun gang, maybe chase some butterflies or hunt some flowers in the wild? Join the little bears and the bunnies to explore the land and skies? We might just have the right solution for you.

      Bambino brings you all of this and more with its Bellissimo Landing Zone Print ABDL Diapers. 

      Zero compromises on comfort are made possible with our double-thick core technology and soft plastic top cover. Not only are our diapers super comfortable, but they are so absorbent that they can hold 5000ml or 5 liters of liquid. 

      Elastic at the front and back waistband ensures that the diaper fits snugly and stays in place. It has two refastenable hook and loop tapes on each side which secure the diapers in place. The tall standing inner leg cuffs keep all the moisture in and prevent leaks. 

      Being super comfortable and soft and yet thin enough, Bambino diapers don't show through your clothing. You are sure to LOVE these ABDL diapers! 

      Enjoy the fun, carefree days and become your Daddy's or Mommy's pet again.