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Sample Assortment 4 Packs



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Sample Assortment 4 Packs





M (32"-40") 2 Pieces

  • Product Description

      Create your own mix diaper bag with samples of your choice.

      Can’t decide which ABDL diapers to get? Try a sample bag of each kind! With options like landing zone prints, all over prints, all white or ultra stretch, find the perfect combination that you can customize to fit your every need.

      Mix'n'match: Choose four different packs to create the ultimate collection of diapers.

      Make the little come out in you with this ABDL bestseller from Bambino! 

       Refastenable hook & loop tapes

       Each diaper is equipped with four refastenable hook & loop tapes, allowing you to create the perfect fit for uninterrupted playtime!

       Up to 5000 ml capacity

       Our ABDL diapers can hold up to 5000ml, making them ideal for long hours of endless fun. Enjoy convenience & comfort in one amazing package! 

      Create your Mix Diaper Bag Now 

      With four different sample packs to choose from, you can create the perfect mix of diapers just for you. From cute and cuddly to fun and playful, each pack is designed to bring out the little in you.