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Bambino Booster Pads (Non Scented) 30 Grams



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Bambino Booster Pads (Non Scented) 30 Grams



1 Sample Pack of 2

  • Product Description

      The 6x18 Bambino Quadro Booster Pads utilize a process of thermally bonding fluff and low melt fibers to form a thin soft absorbent core, which resists tearing or bunching. This means that the inner core of your Quadro Booster Pad will absorb and absorb and absorb.

      We've combined the best of technology and customer desires to create the highest percentage of super absorbency to fluff ratio ever incorporated into an absorbent core! No other technology can deliver this high percentage of super absorbents and fluff pulp.

      Up to 30 Gram SAP

      • Enhanced Absorption: The Bambino Quadro Booster Pads feature a revolutionary absorbent core, combining thermal bonding technology with a high super absorbent to fluff ratio, offering unparalleled absorption.
      • Less Frequency: Reduce the need for frequent diaper changes with the booster pad's exceptional absorbency.
      • Nighttime Reliability: Ideal for boosting diaper absorbency overnight, ensuring ultimate leak protection.
      • Supreme Absorbency: With up to 30 Gram SAP, these booster pads extend the absorbency of your diaper significantly.
      • Convenience: Simply insert one booster pad to your diaper for added comfort and effectiveness.