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Welcome to the new Bambino website!

The team at the Bottom Half Group, LLC has been in the adult incontinence business for over 45 years. We launched the first Bambino website in 2006 because we identified a need for high quality, disposable adult diapers made specifically for the ABDL community. Through extensive research and vast exploration of the community's needs, we pioneered a printed diaper made from high quality materials that included a colorful pattern on the landing zone panel. Our Classico diaper combined superb comfort and absorbency with an appealing playful design.

Since introducing the Classico, we continue to listen to the needs of ABDLs and have expanded our diaper line to a full collection – including all over print, landing zone print and all white diapers. Bambino printed diapers come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and graphics.

With decades of experience and knowledge, our design and clinical teams have developed many performance, comfort and design features. Our ABDL diapers are made by using the newest double-drum form technology allowing us to construct our core (fluff pulp) into a three-dimensional shape. This provide the most efficient construction in our highly absorbent core. Our ability to uniquely blend and place our SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers) where it can expand without gel blocking enhances performance and delivers an unparalleled user experience. We also patented a hybrid stretch technology, creating the softest, most comfortable diapers on the market. Designed to be playful yet functional, we've worked hard to make all our products the best ABDL diapers available on the market.

The Bottom Half Group, LLC exists to serve the ABDL community with professionalism, respect, and the very highest quality products. We are proud of our products, our friendly and supportive staff, and our commitment to the ABDL community. 

Your BEST source for ABDL Diapers, at Bambino, "We baby your bottom."