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Ciao Bella Classico Viola Onesie



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Ciao Bella Classico Viola Onesie




  • Product Description

      Let your inner baby out in the soft and delicate Ciao Bella classic onesie. Take a step back into innocence and coziness as you embrace the sweet, snuggly feeling of our pastel colored onesies! Perfect for when you want to feel like a kid again or achieve that ageplay babyish look.

      Light & breathable - This onesie is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for ultimate comfort and air flow. Fabric is light enough to keep you comfortable while thick enough to support the weight and bulk of a diaper.

      Ageplay babyish feel - Flirtatious and delightful! Feel like a little one again in this playful classic onesie. Curated to provide the same level of cuteness for adults as found on real baby onesies.

      Easy dressing/undressing - Slip in and out of this onesie with ease no matter the occasion! Our Ciao Bella onesie features three crotch snaps that provide a secure fit and make changing a breeze.